You Save What??

It’s Spring, and you’ve got an itch to pitch. When that feeling comes over you, STOP! Consider whether what you’re about to pitch might be something the Scott County Historical Society (SCHS), would love to have in its collection.



Your old work uniform, shirt, apron, steel-toe shoes, etc…?  If it’s from a business in Scott County – YUP! Bonus points if the name of the company or its logo are on it someplace.  Don’t worry about holes, stains or wear; that indicates the item was used, and helps show how, and how much it was used!


RahrcranePhotos from the workplace?  RIGHT again!  We love photos of behind-the-scenes and front-of-shop pics of workplaces in the county.  How about signs?  YEAH – as long as they’re not too big (space is a premium at the museum).  But hey, if it’s big, call us anyway, sometimes we’re lucky at finding places to save the big stuff too!


What about all those great plaques you received from all the good 20060380003work you / your company have done in our communities? ABSOLUTELY! When they’re done hanging on your wall or sitting on your desk, we would be delighted to find space in the collection to tell your story of service.


blueprints20030570003Doing or completing work on your house or business?  What about donating a set of blueprints, or work contract? YES please. These are great resources that help us track the history of space and use over time.

Work contracts too are great resources on a variety of topics, including — gender roles, assigned duties, hours / compensation / benefits, location, materials, timing, work conditions, etc.   FYI: Are you worried about anyone seeing your work / business contract?  No problem.  You can put a restriction on the donation stating no one can see it until you’re deceased – or even some years after you’re gone.

If you’re like me, you have a pile of receipts just sitting in your wallet, on the kitchen counter, or taking up space in the desk drawer.  Do we really want these slips of paper? YES – these are valuable resources to us! Receipts are a snapshot of history… recording place, product, price, business, etc.  So, if your receipt is related to Scott County – send it over to us and preserve a bit of history.

millpondmenuWhen you get your receipt from dinner, lunch, breakfast, mid-afternoon snack… from a local restaurant, think about us, not only for the receipt – but also the menu! Ask the business owner if they will allow you to donate the menu to SCHS. Really, menus?  AFFIRMATIVE – menus are particularly cool items.  The graphics are always great, and again, they’re snapshots of history and place.  Great resources for researchers and for use in programs and exhibits.

20160616_091702The collection is what drives everything at SCHS – programs, exhibits, outreach, research, etc.  Items in the collection help tell stories such as: who we are, where we came from, how and what we do/did, how places have changed and why, shifts in ideas and design, what is / was popular and why, how we coped with the good and the bad, and lots more.

With your help, the SCHS collection can continue to be a rich resource for years to come.  Please, STOP and think of SCHS before pitching. Thanks!

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