The Lamplighter Sextet and the LeRoy Lebens Trio: Music at the St Paul House and the Shakopee House


During his lifetime in Shakopee, LeRoy Lebens spent a lot of time at the St. Paul House and its successor the Shakopee House participating in two of his great passions, music and photography, and the Scott County Historical Society is grateful to be able to house many of his photographs which document this period. From 1854 until its destruction in a fire in 1965, the St Paul House, located on the corner of Lewis Street and Second Ave, was known as one of the best places in the city to enjoy dinner and music. It attracted people from all over the Twin Cities, particularly on Friday and Saturday nights. Hosting music and entertainment six nights a week, the St Paul House brought a wide array of entertainment to Shakopee. Some of the most popular performances, which occurred on a regular basis, involved a group called the St. Paul House Sextet, also known as the “Lamplighters.” The original group was composed of Bruce Neilson, Ronelle Sinjem, Russ Miller, Bill Lutz, Ann Thorgrimson, and Jane Sorber. Together this group would perform shortened versions of hit Broadway shows and other musical skits. Being that LeRoy often performed at the St Paul House with his own band, the LeRoy Lebens Trio, he captured quite a few of their shows, as well as took promotional photography for them. Here are just a few of the photos he took of the Lamplighters, the LeRoy Lebens Trio, and some of the other acts to grace the stages at the St Paul House and the Shakopee House. If you’re interested in learning more about the Lebens Photograph Collection, the St Paul House, or Scott County in general, come by and visit us at the Scott County Historical Society!


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